Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ironman Melbourne...

The Musketeers have spent the last few months immersed in solid training, preparing for the inaugural Ironman Melbourne event next week.

One of the ways the Musketeers have been preparing is through various Multi-Sets. Usually the Musketeers will complete these sessions in Centennial park (cycling loops and running various sections of the park, over and over). More recently, the team has taken to completing the cycling aspect on their wind trainers in a central area. This has allowed each musketeer to work within his own limits whilst giving them the opportunity to test out various pieces of kit in a controlled environment, some successful (power meters) some not so successful (weight vests).

So as the days draw us closer to Ironman Melbourne, the Musketeers are 100% focused on the task ahead. For Todd, not only is he a part of the very first Ironman Melbourne, but its also his first race as a professional. He is looking lean, strong and ready to go. What better race to spread his Professional wings in than the inaugural Ironman Melbourne!

Brenton has been working hard over the past couple of months to ensure he can secure himself a Kona slot. It looks promising too. Bretons run is looking incredible - combined with his consistently strong swim and bike leg, Brenton is force to be reckoned with...Age groupers beware.

John recently returned from NZ where he planned to do Ironman NZ as a warm up for Melbourne. I know, it seems completely crazy if not impossible to complete 2 Ironman events, 3 weeks apart. Not for John, that's just the way he rolls. Unfortunately the race was cancelled due to severe weather warnings. John was quite disappointed, commenting along the lines of, 'Everyone should just toughen up, it's an Ironman, it's supposed to be hard'. This was later retracted when gusts of wind up to 160kph hit Taupo. It would have been a very interesting race, particularity given the amount of people sporting disc wheels. Instead, a 70.3 was run the day after. A quality training race in spectacular Taupo, not a bad consolation.

Andy has had a very interesting lead up to IM Melbourne. Knowing that he was to become a father in the week leading up to the race, Andy has been putting in a serious amount of quality training sessions. As all triathletes know, there is a degree of juggling required in order to fulfill both training and social requirements. In Andy's case, this meant backing up Sundays grueling long run with a friends wedding that afternoon. It was at this wedding that Jules (Andy's partner and devoted Musketeer supporter) went into labor. A very long day for our Ironman Andy- a marathon session indeed. But perhaps the greatest finish of all, their little boy Ethan. Congratulations Jules and Andy!

Happy Family

Mini Musketeer

So here we are - 10 sleeps to go. The Musketeers are entering race phase. Primed and ready for greatness, the Scotts are looking fast and the 2XU race kit is ready to go.

Whatever happens out there, the team are looking forward to taking part in this great event and of course, catching up with the crew from 2XU (Musketeer and IM Melbourne sponsor)

As Big Kev would say...I'm excited!

All for one.

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